Joe Biden’s plan to ‘cure’ America won’t solve Trump’s post-election chaos

It was, for his supporters, a speech that spoke of normality and the return to decency that they hoped for his announced election. It was also, as is the case in modern American discourse, a mass of frustrating, non-specific words that tried and failed to say something specific.

Joe Biden said on Saturday once again that he wanted “to be a president who does not seek to divide, but to unify”. That “to progress, we must stop treating our adversaries as our enemies.” They are not our enemies. They are Americans. And he said it was “America’s time to heal.”

These are laudable goals, but the brutal truth is that Donald Trump, his staunch politicians and his most staunch supporters do not want Joe Biden to be cured. They do not consider themselves suffering from any disease. They don’t want Biden’s drugs. They want to ignore the election results and, if they can, reinstall Donald Trump as president.

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