Joe Biden’s presidency already has its first conspiracy theory: the Big Reset

Joe Biden is not yet president. But his new White House already has its first conspiracy theory to deal with.

It goes by the “Great Reset” label and under its construction a wild dystopian future is in store. The coronavirus pandemic is just a way to enslave humanity and end capitalism. Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan is really a cover for the nefarious plot of a world cabal in Davos, Switzerland to abolish private property and build prison camps for dissidents who refuse to accept microchips that will read their thoughts. Even Grover from Sesame Street could be involved.

The Big Reset is a mishmash of fears of a one-world government that gained momentum following Biden’s victory. It was fueled by right-wing media figures who told their audiences Biden was determined to initiate said reset by using the coronavirus pandemic to ban religion, crush small businesses, and turn humans into something like robots – or replace them with real robots.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has said the big reset is ‘in your grill’, while radio host Glenn Beck has said the big reset is a plot to institute Nazi-style restrictions on US citizens. WorldNetDaily called it a ploy of our “globalist overlords”. Pro-Trump “Diamond and Silk” figures have warned their audiences on Newsmax TV that Biden is behind the Great Reset plot.

“You know Biden said he wanted to rebuild better,” Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway said on November 21 on her show, Diamond and silk: clear crystal. “But no, he doesn’t want to build better. He wants to take over this economy and rebuild on a global scale. All of you, I know you’ve heard of this thing called the big reset.

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