Joe Biden’s team won’t say who is currently funding the transition

President-elect Joe Biden is preparing to step up his new administration. But who, exactly, provided him with the funds to do so remains a mystery.

The Trump administration has so far refused to provide standard sources of funding for the transition in light of the president’s questionable allegations of a stolen election and ongoing litigation over alleged voter fraud in key election contests. This left Biden’s transition team to rely entirely on funds provided by private donors.

But Biden’s team is declining to provide details on the precise sources of those funds – or even the number of donors to his presidential transitional entity, or the total amount they have donated to date. Efforts to obtain that data or any other details were politely declined by a spokesperson for Biden on Tuesday.

This information will eventually be released after Biden’s inauguration in January. But for now, the presidential transition is fully endorsed by political supporters who have helped support the effort since the summer, and who remain largely anonymous. The transition team will have a dramatic impact on the makeup of the Biden administration from the start – not just who employs major federal agencies, but the policy proposals they will work to implement from Jan.21.

This gives the people working on shaping this transition, and the people providing the funds to do so, a potentially huge impact on the political direction of the nation going forward. But to the extent that vested interests attempt to influence the process through financial contributions, these contributions remain, for now, hidden from public view.

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