Joe Biden’s win won’t matter if Georgia makes Mitch McConnell their co-chair

Two weeks later, we can see that voters delivered a rather depressing message overall. Yes, they said, we are exhausted by Donald Trump and we want to get rid of him. But we don’t want to give Democrats control of the situation.

It was the unequivocal verdict of the swing voters who decided the election. They want a divided government. They just don’t trust either party enough to give them full control. So there was a lot of ticket sharing in Maine, where people voted for Joe Biden and Susan Collins, while in other states that don’t have Maine’s history of independence, a lot of people voted for Joe Biden and Susan Collins. voted for Biden and then completely ignored the Senate. (Cal Cunningham in North Carolina got about 110,000 votes less than Biden).

Democrats are heeding this dynamic nationwide, and too publicly for my liking, in the wake of Joe Biden’s victory and the party’s disappointing performance on the downside. But all of this is something I’ll save for another column and something the party should consider following the high-stakes special elections in Georgia.

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