John Boehner Shuts Down Biden Criticism of Meghan McCain, Says He’s a ‘Good Guy’

Meghan did her best to prepare John Boehner for an attack on President Joe Biden on Monday. The former Republican House speaker refused to take the bait.

“I’m afraid we’re heading into the most divided period in our country,” told Boehner, who was on View to promote his new spicy memories On the House. “President Biden has promised to usher in a new era of bipartisanship. So far, he has issued more than 50 executive orders and has chosen to go it alone on issues such as the stimulus. You said President Obama never made crossing the aisle a priority, does Biden continue the tradition?

Instead of staring into this narrative, Boehner immediately it down by saying, “Well, look, Joe Biden is a good guy.” He called Biden a “traditional Democrat” who is simply trying to “keep his party united” amid a “skirmish” between progressive and moderate factions.

“He has a very difficult job in his party these days, he has a very difficult job because he is president,” Boehner added. “But I hope in the coming weeks we’ll see President Biden reach out. I worked with him for 30 years. I know this type inside out. There’s nothing in the world that Joe Biden and I couldn’t work together. It wouldn’t be all I wanted. It certainly wouldn’t be all he wanted. But we could have found enough common ground to do good things on behalf of the American people.

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