John Hickenlooper overturns US Senate seat for Democrats with Colorado win over Cory Gardner

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper won the post he has repeatedly said he never wanted: US Senator.

Hickenlooper defeated Republican Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), a long-overdue outcome given Gardner’s vulnerability in a condition that tends to blue for multiple cycles.

Hickenlooper started the 2020 cycle with his sights on a much bigger election prize, launching a White House candidacy in March 2019. But his candidacy was never the result of a rounding error in national polls .

Even though his presidential campaign could not be launched, Hickenlooper insisted he was not ‘made’ for the Senate, saying in May 2019: ‘It is extremely difficult to imagine that I could succeed in a campaign in the Senate or as a senator. ”

And yet, days after dropping out of the presidential race on August 15, Hickenlooper announced his candidacy for the Senate.

As Gardner tried to present himself as an independent voice in the Senate on issues such as immigration, he was never about to escape the backlash of President Trump’s unpopularity in a state where the former vice -President Joe Biden constantly questioned the president in double digits.

Hickenlooper, the former brewery owner and two-term governor of the state, also profited from the money cascade that swept through many Democratic challengers in the 2020 cycle, taking Gardner from $ 36.8 million. dollars to $ 25.3 million, respectively.

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