John Oliver exposes Trump’s big election scam

Donald Trump will no longer be president, ”John Oliver announced at the top of Sunday Last week tonight.

The British-born comedian, who revealed last week that he had voted for the first time to kick Trump out of the White House, was recording his HBO show on Saturday night as Americans took to the streets to celebrate the president. big defeat at the hands of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“It was like that all day here in New York. There was a vibe here that can only be described as reverse September 11, as it combined total euphoria, constant loathing for Rudy Giuliani, and this time people were actually dancing on the New Jersey rooftops. It was a really have a good day. Never forget, ”Oliver said.

He added: “It’s really hard to overestimate the level of relief that has flown in parts of this country, especially at the end of a really grueling week.

Then the late-night host turned to baseless allegations by President Trump, his offspring, and his lackeys that the election was fraudulent – including Eric Trump, who tweeted a video that claimed to show 80 Trump ballots burned in Virginia Beach but had actually been debunked a day before sharing it on his social media.

“And that’s a shame, because normally Trump sons are so good at finding out the truth,” Oliver joked. “Like the time they solved the mystery of, ‘Can a beard really make someone look more like a child?’ The answer turned out to be a resounding “yes”. Good job, gumshoes. “

There are also the lawsuits against Trump in Pennsylvania and Michigan which were based on completely unfounded hearsay and subsequently dismissed, as well as Trump, who tweeted on Saturday: “OBSERVERS WERE NOT PERMITTED IN THE COUNTING ROOMS. I won the election, I got 71,000,000 legal votes. BAD THINGS HAPPENED THAT OUR OBSERVERS DID NOT ALLOW TO SEE. NEVER ARRIVED BEFORE. MILLIONS OF POSTAL BULLETINS HAVE BEEN SENT TO PEOPLE WHO NEVER ASK FOR THEM! (He has since deleted it.)

Oliver called this “a difficult charge to make because, by the nature of the charge, you does not have see them, ”adding:“ But the claim was even more baseless than it seemed. “

Yes, Trump’s campaign lawyers admitted that this was a lie in court and that their observers were allowed in counting rooms. Specifically, the judge asked, ‘Do people represent Donald J. Trump in this room,’ to which the campaign lawyer replied ‘Yes’ and the judge replied,’ I’m sorry, so what’s your problem? “Oliver.

He then turned to Trump’s latest big scam: frantically asking supporters to donate money for their campaign protest efforts.

An email from the Trump campaign to supporters read, “This is your FINAL OPINION. So far you have ignored all of our emails asking you to join us in DEFENDING THE ELECTION. You ignored Team Trump, Eric, Lara, Don, the Vice President AND you even ignored the President of the United States.

“Quick side note on these solicitations: In the fine print, he mentions that instead of funding lawsuits, half of any contribution will be used to pay off his re-election campaign debt,” Oliver revealed.

With that, he walked through the BS and spoke directly to the American people.

“The point is, Trump lost this election. he lost. All that bullshit that we got used to seeing work this time around, ”Oliver said. “And it’s not like Trump and his family are going to stop. They will continue to cry and lie like they always have. But once out of the White House, it won’t have the same effect. It will not have a direct impact on the lives of all Americans. And that alone is fantastic.

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