John Oliver reveals how ‘dangerous’ Trump election lies are

On Sunday evening, John Oliver dedicated the season finale Last week tonight to the wild and baseless claims of President Donald Trump (soon to be the former) that the election results, in which he lost easily enough to President-elect Joe Biden, are fraudulent.

Oliver cited the fact that almost every Trump campaign trial has been the subject of out-of-court laughter, as well as how the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, a division of homeland security that Trump himself has helped create, said: ‘There is no evidence that the voting system deleted or lost votes, altered votes or was compromised in any way’, and that this was of [election] in American history.

Interestingly, the only major voter fraud arrest stemming from the 2020 election involved a man from the land of Luzerne, Pa., Who voted for Trump by mail ballot using his late mother’s name.

“This administration’s refusal to recognize the election result means Biden is not receiving high-level intelligence reports and cannot access funds intended to facilitate his transition,” Oliver said. Additionally, outgoing Trump officials are unable to share coronavirus vaccine distribution plans with the incoming Biden administration, potentially slowing vaccine distribution at a time when COVID cases in the countries are increasing.

According to Oliver, Trump’s election lies are “pathetic, dangerous and, in many ways, an appropriate coda for a presidency that has destroyed so many lives – not just those he attacked, but also those he claims to protect. . Many of us have lost loved ones – either because you can no longer reconcile your love for them with their love for him, or because they have fallen into a mind-boggling rabbit hole of conspiracy theories he has. happily perpetuated, or because he left a deadly virus went wild and he killed them!

“And now, as a parting gift to the country, Trump somehow manages to divide us even more, while hampering his successor at the worst possible time, which is absolutely unforgivable,” he said. for follow-up. “And yes, the fact that Trump won’t be president next year is a good thing. really fine, but there is a lot of work to be done, and at least in the short term things are going bad for a while, but we have to try to fix that damage.

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