Johnny Depp’s very expensive shit, by the numbers

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Sometimes there are people who wonder why journalists and cultural writers spend so much time analyzing celebrity behavior and writing articles about what their actions mean.

Thanks to a bomb reported by The Hollywood Reporter on Johnny Depp, who lost in November a UK lawsuit that essentially saw the press brand him a ‘woman’s beater’ after hearing evidence of his actions against Amber Heard, you can count how The money is behind activating a person’s actions of Depp’s stature.

As a reminder, Depp remained a staple of Hollywood blockbusters and luxury advertising campaigns until his dismissal from the next. Fantastic beasts sequel despite Heard’s allegations that first surfaced in 2016 – and reports of his erratic behavior being common knowledge long before that.

Here’s a look at the numbers, thanks to that THR article, to the privilege granted to him because he was Johnny Depp.

10 billion dollars: Depp is believed to have brought to the box office during his career.

$ 40 million: Estimated catch of each Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

$ 3 million: His estimated salary for his next film, Minamata, a “reduction” in salary following his allegations.

2: A crew member claimed Depp hit him while he was intoxicated on the 2018 set City of lies.

$ 20 million: Depp’s Initial Pay Day for 2017 Pirates…: Dead men tell no story.

8: Number of ecstasy pills Depp allegedly swallowed at the same time during filming Dead men don’t tell stories.

$ 350,000: Cost per day, for two weeks, of Depp’s return to Los Angeles for the production of Dead men don’t tell stories because he sliced ​​off his fingertip in an alleged altercation with Heard after those pills.

$ 50 million: Damage Depp seeks in his libel action against Amber Heard.

$ 1.25 million: Payoff Depp reportedly gave his first wife, Lori Allen, to prevent him from posting a declaimed post in which he repeatedly used the N word.

14: Residences Depp is the owner.

$ 30,000: Budget per month that Depp would have spent on wine.

$ 5 million: Cost to fire Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes from a cannon from a high tower, which Depp apparently paid as a tribute.

$ 3 million: Summary of the pilot’s requests on the Depp set during the filming.

$ 16 million: Depp’s salary which was paid in full for Fantastic beasts after which he was dismissed.

1: Number of scenes he had shot before being fired.

12: Occasions, British judge ruled that “Depp had indeed assaulted Amber”, according to co-founder of Time’s Up Legal Defense

20: Depp’s 2020 ranking in Q scores, which means he’s still the 20th most-loved celebrity despite it all.

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