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Now is the time for you to stop being a spectator. The time has come for you to take an active part in the restoration of the republic, peacefully and legally.

President Trump needs your help.

He needs to see your strength in person which in turn will give him the strength to fight this attempted coup against the United States of America by multinational forces trying to bring him down from within.

Make no mistake, now is the time to get up.

Otherwise, brace yourself for nationwide lockdowns, the destruction of the economy, the loss of jobs – perhaps yours included – and the growing cost of raising a family due to the exploding health care and housing costs.

If you don’t stand up now, get ready for the erosion of your rights to appease multinationals who care no less about the values ​​and freedoms of the United States and its Constitution. They don’t care less about your daily struggles. In fact, they are clapping against you.

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For years people like you have been falsely led to believe that they would not play a part in the historical events of the world, that they were just spectators in life and nothing more. People like you were falsely convinced that all they would do is work for a paycheck, go home, and sit in front of a TV or computer for the rest of the night until you. repeat it the next day.

This is far from the truth: you are important, and now you are in charge.

If you voted for President Trump, your vote is overturned by multinational corporations saying “no, your vote is not fair, we will decide who runs the United States, not you.”

They want you to believe that your vote does not count and that you are going to be oppressed and that there is nothing you can do about it.

But tyrants can only grow until people start to withdraw. Now is the time to back down – peacefully and legally – and defend your vote and decide where the United States is headed.

President Trump has sacrificed a lot to stand in the way between you and them. Now is the time to support him to show how much you appreciate his efforts, how much you care about the county, and how much you value yourself, your life, and your freedom.

It’s a historic period for the nation that hasn’t been seen in decades – and likely won’t be seen again for decades. Don’t waste this moment.

Please see the map and timetable we have provided you here so you can decide when to join our historic caravan. Use it as your personal roadmap to take a stand for yourself and for our country.

Join the trailer and let President Trump know America is behind him.

Follow the official Stop The Steal Caravan account on Parler to get the latest updates as soon as they happen!

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