Jon Ossoff hijacks Fox News airtime to take out Perdue and Loeffler

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff turned the tables on Fox News on Wednesday morning, taking the opportunity of an impromptu live interview to castigate his Republican opponent, Senator David Perdue (R-GA) and the Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), who is competing in another Senate second-round race.

During a campaign stop in Marietta, Ga., Ossoff was approached by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who let the Democrat know they were live and if he would be ready to answer a few questions. .

Doocy first asked the 33-year-old candidate to talk about “the relevant experience” he had when it came to keeping his promises as a senator, prompting Ossoff to briefly praise his journalistic career as ” fight against injustice, denunciation of war crimes and corruption. Before turning his attention to Perdue and Loeffler.

“Right now we have a corruption crisis in American politics and since we are live on Fox let me take this opportunity to speak directly to the Fox audience,” he said. “We have two US senators in Georgia who have openly used their offices to make money.”

Loeffler and Perdue are two of the wealthiest members of the Senate and both have come under scrutiny for their vast stock portfolios and personal financial transactions during their tenure. Democrats, meanwhile, have inundated the state with advertisements hammering the two Republicans about investigations into their stock trading activities.

After Ossoff made his campaign pitch to Fox News viewers, Doocy then stepped in to ask him about Loeffler’s latest attacks on his Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock, raising accusations about a children’s camp that Warnock was running. .

“Could the allegations of wrongdoing against Reverend Warnock be a drag on the Democratic ticket next week? urged the Fox News correspondent.

“Nothing at all,” Ossoff insisted. “Reverend Warnock brought up this issue a year ago and here’s the gist: Kelly Loeffler campaigned with a klansman. Kelly Loeffler campaigned with a klansman. “

The Senate hope referred to Loeffler who recently posed for a campaign event photo with Chester Doles, a neo-Nazi and longtime Ku Klux Klan member who paraded at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. Loeffler’s campaign, meanwhile, quickly distanced itself from Doles. , saying the senator “had no idea who it was” and would have “kicked him out immediately” if she had known.

“She is therefore looking at these vicious personal attacks to distract from the fact that she campaigned with a former member of the Ku Klux Klan,” Ossof concluded. “We deserve better than this.”

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