Jonathan Mattingly, a cop who was shot in the Breonna Taylor raid, says her boyfriend knew the police were at the door

In an exclusive interview with ABC News and the Louisville Mail Journal, the cop at the center of Breonna Taylor’s fatal March shooting insists the murder of the unarmed black woman was not a race issue.

Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, who was injured when Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker caught fire as he and two other officers attempted a drug raid at 1 a.m., said: “We are not the ones who let’s go hunt someone. It’s not kneeling on a neck. It’s not like that. ”Taylor was shot six times in a hail of 32 bullets fired into the dark apartment.

“Because it has nothing to do with George Floyd. It’s none of that, ”he said. “It’s not Ahmaud Arbery. There is nothing like it. These are two totally different types of incidents. It’s not a race thing people want to try to do. It’s not.”

He blames the misinformation and timing of the fatal shootout so close to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis for the backlash and insists the only mistake he and his team made was giving Taylor too much time to respond. at his door after repeated announcements of “Police, search warrant.

Instead, he says, he and then-detectives Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove should have stormed his door without knocking. Mattingly was shot in the thigh when Walker opened fire. Walker insisted he didn’t know the police were at the door. Cosgrove was later identified as the officer who fired the bullets that killed Taylor.

“There is a reason the police were there that night,” he said. “And if you’re a law-abiding citizen, the only contact you’ll probably ever have with the police is meeting them in Thorntons or if you get a speeding ticket. Other than that, unless you know them, you don’t really deal with the police.

Mattingly said that while Taylor’s name wasn’t on the search warrant for drugs related to her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, they didn’t expect Walker, her current boyfriend, to be at home. she. “We expected Breonna to be there on her own. That’s why we gave it so much time. And in my opinion that was a mistake, ”said the 47-year-old officer. Hello america, insisting that it was impossible for Walker not to know they were law enforcement officers when he opened fire because of the strong blow.

“Everyone knows the police are hitting,” Mattingly said. “When it’s been going on for so long – and they’ve had so much time to think, react and formulate a plan – I don’t know he didn’t hear us. We were talking 20 feet away through a thin metal door.

He insists Taylor would be alive if they stormed the door. “No. 1, we would either have served the arrest warrant or we would have done what we normally do, which is 5-10 seconds. Don’t give people time to formulate a plan, don’t not give people time to pull themselves together to get a feel for what they’re doing. he said. “Because if that had happened … Breonna Taylor would be 100% alive.

Mattingly, who has never spoken publicly before, said he empathized with Taylor’s family but blamed his family’s attorneys Ben Crump and Sam Aguiar. Crump, a civil rights lawyer, also represents the interests of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.

The real blame in turning the accidental shooting into a racial crime is owed to “Crump and Sam Aguiar, for setting people on fire to get the end result they wanted,” he said.

“I feel for her. It hurts for her mother and for her sisters, ”Mattingly said. “It’s not just a ‘Oh, that’s part of the job, we’ve done it and move on. It’s not like that. I mean Breonna Taylor is now attached to me for the rest of my life.

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