Jose and Gloria Arellano went on vacation to Mexico and were injured in intensive care

What was supposed to be a relaxing beach vacation in southern Mexico turned into a nightmare when an older couple contracted COVID-19 last month. Now their daughter begs the other travelers to stay put.

“Even if you take precautions… you don’t know what’s going to happen,” said the girl, Jocelyn Arellano. “And if you’re away from your family, from the people you know, it’s a horrible experience.

Jose and Gloria Arellano bought their tickets to Oaxaca at the start of the pandemic. In November, they weren’t using them yet – and they were money every time they postponed their trip. So, on November 11, as cases in Mexico reached their highest level, they headed from their home in Tijuana for what they hoped would be a relaxing two-week respite.

About 10 days after the trip started, Jose, 56, who has asthma, began to have difficulty breathing. At first, they thought it was just the difference in air quality in Oaxaca. But then, three days later, Gloria, 54, developed a fever and the couple decided it was time to get tested for the coronavirus. They hadn’t even received their test results before Jose’s breathing got so painful that they took him to the emergency room. The hospital sent him back with an oxygen tank and medicine.

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