Joy Behar calls on Tucker Carlson to be ‘tied up’ and never hear from again, brings him back quickly

The views Joy Behar remarked on Wednesday that far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson should be “tied up and put in a corner somewhere so that we never hear from him again” – a comment she said. came back quickly after realizing that it could be “perceived” as violent. .

Earlier this week, the Fox News star was sentenced for insisting that “There is no evidence that white supremacists were responsible for what happened” during the Capitol uprising. PolitiFact, meanwhile, called Carlson’s claim , citing the number of rioters with known ties to white supremacist groups who now face conspiracy charges, as well as the prevalence of white supremacist symbols during of the riot.

during ViewDuring the previous day’s Senate discussion of the insurgency, co-host Sunny Hostin first challenged Sen. Johnson (R-WI) for trying to promote a deranged alternate reality that “ Trump supporters Were responsible for the chaos and violence on January 6.

“You know, we hear so much from the right wing about the cancellation ,” she said. “What they don’t want is a of responsibility. They don’t want a of consequences, and that’s what it does. “

Turning her attention to Carlson, Hostin said she was “disgusted” by his claim that white supremacists were not involved in the riots, pointing out that Capitol Police office Harry Dunn – who is black – has recalled that the rioters shouted the “n-word” at him dozens of times during the attack.

“How dare he say there was no evidence of white supremacy out there ?!” There was evidence everywhere! Hostin exclaimed.

Behar, however, would go further in Hostin’s criticism of the conservative Fox News host. “Tucker Carlson has to be, you know, tied up and put in a corner somewhere so we never hear from him again,” the liberal comedian yelled.

She then quickly switched to Senator Johnson, claiming he “had become the perfect face for the Republican Party” because he was a “denial” and “was rocking crazy conspiracy theories.”

Moments later, Behar shifted back into reverse and offered a warning.

“Can I say one thing? I don’t mean something bad should happen to Tucker Carlson, ”she said.

“I just want him to stop saying stupid things,” for a time View the host concluded. “That’s all. So let me clear it up. I don’t want to be seen as violent in any way. I am not.”

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