Joy of Sight Behar says ‘body thieves went to Maria Bartiromo’

The views Joy Behar targeted Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Monday for her transition from respected financial reporter to conspiratorial trump-hawker Trump, saying “body thieves” have surrendered to the TV star wondering “what happened to him?”

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump did his first post-election TV interview on Bartiromo’s Sunday morning futures, spending over 45 minutes pitching bizarro conspiracy theories of voter fraud to Fox’s sympathetic host. In addition to baselessly accusing the FBI and the Justice Department of helping rig the election against him, Trump threw Republican Gov. of Georgia Brian Kemp under the bus for failing to help him reverse the victory. election campaign of President-elect Joe Biden.

At the top of the Monday morning ABC talk show, View Moderator Whoopi Goldberg referred to Trump’s “faked” claims on Fox, including Bartiromo’s overreaction in which she said it was “disgusting” that the US election was allegedly corrupt.

“Let’s not talk about what’s ‘disgusting’ here, please,” Goldberg growled.

Goldberg went on to note that the president’s unsubstantiated allegations could hurt Georgia Republicans’ chances in the upcoming Senate second-round races, as Trump’s supporters take his claims seriously and openly wonder why they should bother. to vote in January.

“None of this makes sense to me, and you-know-who is planning to go to Georgia,” she added, turning to Behar. “Is this going to help or hurt things, Joy?” What do you think? I mean, this is all just crazy. What do you think, Joy?

Behar, a stand-up comedian and the show’s resident liberal panelist, used the first opportunity to punch the Fox News star.

“First of all, can we just say that the body thieves went to Maria Bartiromo?” Behar exclaimed. “I mean, what happened to him ?! Okay. It’s a thing.

Goldberg, meanwhile, vouched for Bartiromo’s journalistic good faith, claiming she was a “great financial woman” before adding, “And now I don’t know who she is.”

Behar would go on to express hope that Trump’s complaints that the election was “stolen” and “rigged” would eventually convince Republicans not to participate in Senate races.

“So why bother to show?” Behar said. “They’re just going to stay home. I think it will work for Democrats.

Co-host Sunny Hostin later stepped in and suggested that Trump’s family might need to set up some sort of “intervention” with the president. “He just needs to go to Losers Anonymous,” she said. “Like, he’s really in a psychosis right now!”

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