Judge plays videos to prove Shaman QAnon Jacob Chansley lied in 60-minute Capitol Riot interview

The infamous “QAnon Shaman” made several startling statements during his prison interview with CBS News earlier this month – including that his actions during the Capitol Riots were not an attack on the United States because the authorities left the door open to the MAGA crowd.

“I haven’t broken any windows,” said Jacob Chansley during the interview with 60 minutes and more aired on March 4. “I haven’t broken any doors. I did not go through any police barricade. I was peaceful. I was courteous. I was calm.

But a federal judge, who last week ordered Chansley to remain behind bars pending trial, insists the accused rioter “blatantly lied” during the interview about his easy entry at the Capitol. And he has the receipts to prove it.

On Tuesday, the court released two videos to debunk Chansley’s claim, showing chaos outside the Capitol on January 6 as thousands of MAGA supporters smashed the building’s windows. In the first video, first obtained by Law & Crime, Chansley is seen standing on scaffolding and holding an American flag above a sea of ​​rioters held back by law enforcement.

The second video shows a similar crowd right outside the doors of the Capitol, and people shouting “this is our country” as a man an American flag cowboy hat smashes a window and climbs through. of rioters are then seen entering through the window, while Chansley and several others storm a door beside the window. We didn’t know how the door was opened.

“This is our home,” someone hears shouting behind Chansley, who is seen walking calmly down a hallway in the capital. There didn’t appear to be any law enforcement officers near the sunken door and window, which contradicts Chansley’s claim.

“Not only [Chansley] unable to provide any evidence to support his claim that he was taken to the Capitol, but evidence submitted by the government proves that claim to be false. Video presented by the government captures rioters breaking through the windows of the Capitol building, ”Judge Royce Lamberth said in a March 8 motion returning Chansey to custody.

“At the same time as the rioters smash the glass and crawl through the windows, the video unfolds to show a large group of rioters walking through an adjacent door into the Capitol building. Included in this group is [Chansley], which is easily identifiable by its horned headdress.

Chansley, 33, from Phoenix, Ariz., Was sadly pictured carrying a spear and megaphone and a coyote skin and buffalo horn headdress during the siege. One of the first people to walk on Capitol and storm the Senate Chamber, he admitted to leaving a chilling note for former Vice President Mike Pence that said “justice is coming”. He was arrested on January 9 and charged with civil unrest, obstructing formal proceedings, disorderly conduct in a small building and demonstrating in a Capitol building.

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