Judge tears up Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for breaking order during ballot search

A federal judge on Wednesday criticized US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for the Postal Service’s failure to comply with his order to search ballots at more than a dozen establishments, demanding that senior officials at the agency testify in court.

At the hearing, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan in the District of Columbia called the USPS for refusing to comply with its court order to perform last-minute scans in light of 300,000 ballots. vote not found reported by the agency. Sullivan said DeJoy should have to testify under oath about the agency’s non-compliance with the agency, although later accepted hear testimony from Kevin Bray, who heads mail processing for USPS, Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m not happy with this 11th Hour development last night and someone may have a price to pay,” Sullivan said, before specifically stating that the agency’s problems start “at the top of the food chain. “.

Sullivan later stated that DeJoy “is going to have to be deposed or appear before me and testify under oath as to why certain steps were not taken.” I will not forget it.

The Postal Service revealed on Wednesday that it completed the sweeps Tuesday night and presented just 13 ballots in Pennsylvania. The announcement comes after the USPS reported that more than 300,000 ballots scanned in their mail system had never been sent for delivery, sounding alarm bells over hundreds of thousands of ballots that could potentially have gone missing. submission deadlines in several states.

“We knew yesterday that if the sweepers were doing their job, the mail identified as ballots and in the system should have been picked up and delivered, and that can affect what we consider to be the scores,” Allison said. Zieve, an attorney representing the NAACP, who has filed a lawsuit against the Postal Service along with other militant groups, said the Washington post.

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