Justice for Ashli ​​Babbit?

The death of Air Force veteran Ashli ​​Babbit at the hands of a Capitol Hill police officer last Wednesday is either murder or manslaughter.

Anyone who’s ever taken a class of concealed transport weapons knows that you can only use lethal force – that is, shoot someone with a pistol – to avoid the imminent and otherwise inevitable danger of death or serious injury to yourself or to a bystander.

Ashli ​​Babbit had no weapon of any kind in hand or on her person. She was not attacking the officer. Still, the officer fired. No apologies under the circumstances visible on the video of the incident.

It is possible that the guilty officer (yes, he is guilty of shooting an unarmed person, that’s a fact) could be charged with manslaughter – that is, he foolishly put finger on the trigger and accidentally pulled it. Maybe he didn’t intend to, but by law if you shoot a gun you are responsible for every bullet. Ignorance or neglect are appropriate and acceptable excuses.

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But if it wasn’t an accident, then we’re talking murder. A much more serious crime.

After enduring over nine months of BLM speeches on police brutality, we have a classic case with the murder of Ashli ​​Babbit and the media and Democratic horde are silent. Instead of outrage and further protests, silence fell on Capitol Hill accompanied by self-righteous hypocrisy from cowardly politicians – Democrats and Republicans – who label legitimate protesters as insurgents and insist that Ashli only made him deserts.

The response of the Washington establishment to the murder of this veteran and a young mother is just one more symptom of the cowardly corruption and moral decay plaguing Washington, DC.

Democrats, backed by softer media and greedy corporations, opt for Stalinist tactics as the president, along with many of his supporters, are banned from the internet media and verbally assaulted. They crossed a line and unleashed a crackdown on the majority of voters who ran for Trump.

I fear that the lesson Trump supporters will learn from the Ashli ​​Babbit tragedy will be “don’t bring a flag to a shootout.”

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