Kamala Harris deserves much more than the disastrous cover of Vogue

It’s a classic social media dilemma: You wake up to see your friend tagged you in a new photo. You will look at the message. The light has washed you away, you don’t know what you’re doing with your hands, and your smile is painful, like you’re waving to an enemy who just passed you in the grocery line. Your friend, unwittingly you hope, has put you in a terrible situation.

All of this just happened to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Except the parody was captured, so we could all cringe, on the cover of VogueFebruary issue.

This is not a criticism of Harris’ appearance, or his ubiquitous style, nothing to do here all black. Her style for the cover, photographed by Tyler Mitchell, matches the story she continues to tell us through her clothes, which radiate unpretentious warmth.

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