Kamala Harris’ terrible debate performance increases Trump’s chances of re-election

Kamala Harris put on a terrible performance during the vice presidential debate last night, often appearing robotic and repeating memorized “facts” that blatantly contradicted things Joe Biden said in last week’s debate.

Harris also seemed lost and bewildered whenever Mike Pence interrupted her to point out such inconsistencies, as if she had been disoriented after reading a script.

A good example of this came when Harris claimed Biden was not going to raise taxes, to which Pence pointed out that last week Biden himself had promised to repeal Trump’s tax cuts. .

Pence then eloquently explained the Trump administration’s comprehensive tax plans:

On the coronavirus, Harris said that “frankly this administration has lost its right to reelection because of it,” but then described the Biden-Harris plan, which Pence pointed out is about exactly the same as that of the Trump administration, adding the zinger. “It looks a bit like plagiarism, which Joe Biden knows a little bit about.”

Only your patronage at the Infowars Store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in the narrative-controlled darkness.

Pence also noted that when Trump blocked flights from China in January, Biden called him “xenophobic.”

When Pence framed the debate by saying that the American people had bravely fought against the virus, Harris got angry and broke:

Pence tore Obamacare apart, leaving Harris helpless:

On the climate, Pence said the Harris-sponsored Green New Deal would “crush” US energy, while noting that “the United States has reduced CO2 more than countries that are in the Paris Agreement. . “

When Harris noted that Biden would not ban fracking, Pence pointed out that “you have both made several commitments to ban fossil fuels and to ban fracking.”

President Trump took to Twitter to note the inconsistency:

When the debate turned to China, Harris accused Trump of losing the trade war with China, to which Pence fought back. “You said Trump lost a trade war with China, Joe Biden never fought one.”

The vice president also called Biden “the cheerleader of Communist China.”

When the debate turned to the Supreme Court, Pence asked if Democrats would pack the court, a question Harris first tried to avoid, then ultimately had to answer:

Harris claimed that “Trump filled the district courts with whites!” prompting Pence to explain what is the direct answer to his question:

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter, explaining why Harris avoided the question:

The final zinger came when the debate turned to the topic of the transfer of power, if the Democrats won. Harris urged voters, “Please vote. Vote early, “when, as Pence noted, Democrats have” spent the past three and a half years trying to overturn the results of the last election. “

Harris’ performance was so disastrous that the left-wing media immediately played the “ sexism ” card:

Some didn’t buy it though:

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