Kamala makes a high bet for Team Biden in Texas

When Hillary Clinton paid a last-minute visit to Arizona last week ahead of the 2016 presidential election, concerned Democrats worried – and rightly so, it turned out – that the candidate’s political adventurism might have a high cost.

Four years later, Biden’s campaign meets Clinton’s bet on the red state and lifts her from the Electoral College runner-up.

In the surest sign yet that Texas is actually playing this electoral cycle, the Biden campaign sent California Senator Kamala Harris, the running mate, on a three-city tour of the Lone Star State Friday, the last day of the start voting in the state.

“It’s good to be in Texas,” Harris told his followers in Houston, his third appearance on a trip that also included the suburban-wealthy Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the border town of McAllen, where the growing Latin American population has made Hidalgo County one. of the fastest growing country. “They’ve done a great job in terms of early voting so we just want to remind people what’s at stake and that their votes really matter. Lots of important questions, and they have the power to determine the outcome of this race.

For State Democrats who desperately wanted the National Party to share their enthusiasm that this year is finally the year when the song “demographics is fate” comes true, Harris’ tour portends a future where the state is adopted as a potential swing state instead of being dismissed as a Republican California. Or, as young activist Clarissa Conde said before presenting Harris at an event near McAllen, “a more resilient and compassionate Texas, a more equal and fair Texas.”

Even in a campaign as rich as that of former Vice President Joe Biden, time is the most precious commodity in the final week of a presidential campaign, especially the hours spent on in-person appearances in the Second State of the countries in terms of population. As the late investment in Texas – once the polls showed a neck-and-neck race, the Biden campaign began to buy millions of airtime in major Texas media markets – is forcing the Trump campaign to cash-strapped to allocate precious resources in a state that should be a done deal, Harris told reporters that the visits are, equally important, in recognition of hard-working party members who have rarely been thanked by the national democrats.

“There are people here that matter, people here who work hard, people who love their country and we have to be here and listen to them,” Harris told reporters on McAllen’s tarmac after his first appearance at Forth Worth. “That’s why we’re here – because there are a lot of important people in South Texas.”

Harris’ remarks in the state weren’t always particularly Texas-centric, unusual for exit-voting events in a state with such a pervasive branding. In addition to speaking in front of a parking lot-sized Lone Star Flag at each stop, Harris’s comments in his trio of appearances were standard speech – more focused on general base strengthening than victory over the Texans at the last minute – although she nodded at the state’s unique demographic.

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