Kamala’s Marxist tweet was a terrifyingly strange closing message

Picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. Donald Trump’s idea of ​​ending on a high note is to fantasize about beating Joe Biden and bowing to a crowd by telling him to fire Dr.Anthony Fauci. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s closing act involved a talk about shutting down the oil industry, followed by a socialist hymn tweeted by his running mate.

In case you missed it, Harris sent a cartoon video which ends with his statement: “Fair treatment means we all end up in one place.” The camera then pans over the words “Biden-Harris, 2020”. Do we all end up in the same place? This is Commie’s speech! On top of that, he is politically deaf. Couldn’t this tweet wait 48 hours?

Most Americans, it can be said, believe in equal opportunity. What we don’t believe in is equality of results. Of course, there are systemic obstacles that need to be addressed to ensure equal opportunities. But we cannot (and should not) guarantee that “we are all in one place”.

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