Kayleigh McEnany CUT BY Fox News after making election fraud allegations

Donald Trump and his campaign team refuse to concede defeat in the presidential election. At a press conference chaired by Trump’s press secretary and personal advisor Kayleigh McEnany, his legal representatives said the process of determining an “ accurate ” vote tally had only just begun. But a live broadcast of McEnany’s statement was cut short by Fox News presenter Neil Cavuto after making unsubstantiated allegations of illegal votes influencing the election results. Fox News – for a long time Trump’s favorite U.S. network – has joined with other conservative news outlets, including the New York Post, in distancing itself from the president and his allegations of electoral fraud. #DonaldTrump #NeilCavuto #FoxNews Subscribe here: Twitter: Facebook: If you would like to purchase any of our clips for commercial use, please visit :.

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