Keith Raniere, leader of sex sect NXIVM, sentenced to 120 years in prison – Dateway

NXIVM chief Keith Raniere has been sentenced to life in prison for leading a twisted and violent sex cult that has stigmatized and sexually enslaved women.

Brooklyn District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis handed down the 120-year sentence after a grand jury found him guilty in 2019 of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy and electronic fraud conspiracy.

“Keith Raniere’s 120-year sentence today is a measure of his appalling crimes committed over more than a decade,” Acting US Attorney Seth DuCharme said.

“Raniere exploited and abused his victims emotionally, physically and sexually for his personal satisfaction. I hope today’s sentence will bring an end to the victims and their families. “

FBI Deputy Director William F. Sweeney said Raniere’s heinous sex trafficking business justified the lengthy prison term.

“Raniere’s reign of control over the women he has marked, both physically and emotionally, is the making of a horror story,” Sweeney said. “It is inconceivable to think of the sexual exploitation, abuse, isolation and mind control his victims suffered – under his guidance. Today, the judge gave him 120 years to reflect on whether the torture he inflicted on others for over a decade, and the distress he brought to their families, was worth it. hardly.

In an interview with NBC News days before his sentencing, Raniere maintained his innocence, saying that although “a lot, a lot of people” were “hurt”, it is a “different problem”.

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Raniere’s NXIVM cult was linked with powerful individuals, including the family of the Seagrams whiskey fortune.

Seagram’s heirs, Clare and Sara Bronfman, have donated “hundreds of millions” to the sex cult for years.


The Bronfman sisters, as well as Nancy Salzman, another high-ranking person with NXIVM, were also members of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Additionally, Salzman confirmed that the sex cult itself illegally collected donations for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential race.

Raniere had even plotted to install members of NXIVM in “high-level” political positions to help expand the cult of sex in a national enterprise.

The leader of the sex sect NXIVM has now been sentenced on all counts. During the trial, a cult member testified that she raised money for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008. Alex breaks the shady ties between the Clintons and the sex cults.

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