Kids’ TV show about massive, uncontrollable phallus launch during Danish #MeToo Reckoning

Danish public television has just presented a new animated show about a man called John Dillermand and his incredibly long penis.

The premise of the program, which is aimed at children aged four to eight, is to show how Mr. Dillermand – which translates to Mr. Penis Man – overcame the obvious challenges that come with an incredibly long journey.

Instead of being embarrassed by its oversized packaging, he uses it creatively, including conducting rescue operations, hoisting flags, barbecuing and even a whimsical episode where Mr. Dillermand’s phallus flies in. sort of ice cream to an unexpected child.

The show, of course, has its critics. Danish author Anne Lise Marstrand-Jørgensen has wondered about the timing since Denmark recently criticized sexual harassment in the workplace. “Is this really the message we want to send to kids as we are in the middle of a huge #MeToo wave?” she wrote on Twitter.

But the show’s creators, of which 13 episodes have been viewed more than 140,000 times since its Jan. 2 debut, have defended the unusual choice of children’s programming. “We think it’s important to be able to tell stories about bodies,” public broadcaster DR posted on Facebook on Tuesday. “In the series, we recognize the growing curiosity of young children for their bodies and genitals, as well as the embarrassment and pleasure in the body.”

Some episodes show a less than satisfied and somewhat old-fashioned Mrs. Dillermand trying to keep her husband in line, including a scene in which she shoots down a bunch of balloons that her husband is hanging from his member. Spoiler alert: he survives.

“It’s a very Danish show,” education expert Sophie Munster told AFP. “We have a tradition of pushing the boundaries and using humor and we think that’s totally normal.”

Erla Heinesen Højsted, clinical psychologist, told AFP that the show is not harmful to small children. “John Dillermand talks to kids and shares their thinking – and kids find genitals funny,” she says. “He takes responsibility for his actions. When a woman on the show tells him he should keep his penis in his pants, for example, he listens. The good thing is. He is responsible. “

Others argue that an entire show on an oversized organ is bad for men. “It perpetuates the standard idea of ​​a patriarchal society and normalizes the ‘locker room culture’,” Christian Groes, associate professor and gender researcher at Roskilde University, told local Danish media. It’s meant to be funny – so it’s considered harmless. But it’s not. And we teach that to our children.

The public broadcaster responded to the reviews on his Facebook page saying he could very well have done a show ‘about a woman with no control over her vagina’ and what really matters is that the kids love Mr Dillermand.

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