Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa, orders mask to be worn, then Bungles message

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds finally adopted a semblance of a mask tenure this week, but by addressing her about-face she managed to confuse it – saying there was science to back it up “Both sides” of the question.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, amid a record increase in coronavirus cases in her state, Reynolds explained the details of the order she issued a day earlier requiring Iowans to wear a face mask in limited circumstances.

Even with its shortcomings, the order has changed its mind from the Republican’s previous claims that masked mandates are only a measure of “well-being.” “I remind and ask all the people of Iowa to come together and help us fight together against the spread of this virus,” she said.

At the same time, however, Reynolds pointed to states that she said had implemented mask warrants but still saw an increase in the number of cases. When a reporter pointed out that this was a topic of discussion for opponents of the mask, Reynolds replied, “There is science on both sides, and you know it. If you watch you can find anything you want to support whatever you do. And so what I’m saying is do whatever we can.

“There is science on both sides.“

– Governor Kim Reynolds

Later, when asked by another reporter about that comment, Reynolds doubled down.

“I think if you talk to different people, there are different studies on the two,” she said, referring to the effectiveness of mask warrants. “We will continue to review all mitigation efforts and we will move forward with what I think will impact the update of the numbers. But I think there is data on both. “

Arnold Monto, professor of epidemiology and global health at the University of Michigan, challenged Reynold’s “two sides” defense.

“There is always science on both sides, it’s the scientific method,” he says. “It’s the preponderance of evidence [that matters]. “

And when it comes to wearing masks, he added, “the irrefutable proof is that it works.” Although questions remain about how best to convince people to wear a mask, Monto said, “I am of the opinion that a warrant in an emergency situation is a useful and effective way to go.”

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