Kim Yo Jong steals the show at Kim Yong Un’s coronation as General Secretary

Kim Yo Jong, the little sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, is riding high again after launching one of her most bizarre attacks on South Korea at the climax of the Pyongyang Workers’ Party grand jamboree.

Just as eyebrows were raised when her name was kicked out of the ruling Workers’ Party’s new political bureau, Yo Jong once again came out on top.

She accompanied her brother on a visit to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun to pay tribute to the glazed bodies of their grandfather, Kim Il Sung, who founded the ruling regime, and their father, Kim Jong Il. After saluting the dynasty, it was Yo Jong who sparked the fiercest rhetoric of a week-long ruling party convention, which was last held in 2016.

Kim Yo Jong took verbal shots at military leaders in the south, saying they had absolutely failed to predict how the congress would unfold north of the border.

“What’s strange,” Yo Jong said, “is that South Korea’s chiefs of staff have made a foolish statement that they [spotted] the north opening a military parade at midnight on January 10.

According to state media, Korea’s Central News Agency in Pyongyang, Yo Jong found it hysterical that these South Korean generals thought they could tell what was going on through their aerial surveillance.

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