King Arthur’s Camelot Castle is now Ground Zero for Brit QAnon

By Isobel Cockerell

This piece originally appeared in the Disinformation section of Coda Story.

In October, Rachel Bate and her three roommates drove the five-hour drive from London to Cornwall County in the southwest of England. Britain’s coronavirus restrictions were on a brief hiatus and friends needed a break. They wanted a “spooky and quirky” trip and thought they had found the perfect destination.

Camelot Castle sits atop black cliffs on the edge of the ancient village of Tintagel: a stone monster with battlements, Gothic-style turrets, and stunning sea views. Built in 1899 for vacationers from the l he Victorian era overlooks the ruins of an ancient castle, where, according to legend, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table once lived.

The sun was setting when Bate, 35, and his friends reached the hotel aisle. “It was a very windy, quite atmospheric evening,” she says. They entered the hall and an unexpected figure appeared in the twilight. Above the reception was a huge photo of US President Donald Trump standing with his wife, Melania, and hotel owner John Mappin.

“I was like, ‘I’m so happy to wear a mask, because it shows how horrified I am,’” Bate told me.

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