Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother says ‘protesters shouldn’t have been there’ the night he shot them

Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy, blamed protesters and law enforcement for a deadly night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which ended with her 17-year-old son shooting two protesters down.

Talk to Chicago Tribune, the 45-year-old said the protesters should not have been there the night they were shot by her son, she blamed Kenosha police and state and local government for the deadly incident and expressed strong support for the Second Amendment. According to Tribune, she expressed little sympathy for the families of the victims.

The shooting took place when protests erupted in Kenosha after white police officer Rusten Sheskey shot Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man in the back, at point blank range. Civilian militias took to the streets with guns, saying they wanted to help local law enforcement protect the town from protesters, and Rittenhouse was among them that fateful night.

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