LA Bar owner slams Mayor Garcetti for approving Movie Company’s outdoor dining area after shutting down outdoor dining area – Dateway

A heartbreaking video went viral of a struggling Los Angeles bar owner on Friday lamenting how Mayor Eric Garcetti approved a large outdoor dining area for a movie company just feet from his outdoor dining area he closed in the name of crown fights.

“I lose everything – everything I own is taken away from me,” said Angela Marsden, owner of Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill. “And they created a movie company, right next to my outdoor patio, which is right here!”

“We cannot survive, my staff cannot survive!” she says.

“Look at this!” Marsden said, pointing to his outdoor patio, “Tell me it’s dangerous… But right next to me it’s a slap in my face!” It’s certain! It’s certain?! “


Marsden explained the madness she and other businesses are going through in an interview with Julio Rosas of Townhall earlier this week:

Mayor Garcetti said Thursday as part of his new “Safer Home” initiative that “it’s time to cancel everything” (except Amazon, Walmart and so on which are swallowing up our entire economy) in the name of the fight against the crown.

“My post couldn’t be simpler, it’s time to curl up,” Garcetti said. “It’s time to cancel everything… Don’t meet anyone outside your home. Do not organize a rally. Do not attend a rally.

While the plebs are told to “cancel everything”, our ruling class celebrates non-stop.

We’re all going to die if we eat at an outside restaurant, but they’re all great partying in Cabo, Napa, Maui and so on!

The only people who should be “locked up” are our ruling class – who should be thrown in jail for destroying our middle class!

“Virus” whistleblower Louise Hampton speaks with David Icke about the lies of the pandemic.

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