LA, CA officials disagree on whether Holiday Covid Surge hit the deadline

“This is clearly the most recent increase for the winter holidays and New Years.” That was on Friday Dr. Paul Simon, Los Angeles Chief Science Officer, Public Health. “It will likely continue for the next week or two. We expect these numbers to remain high for the next few weeks, ”he said.

Los Angeles County reported an additional 18,313 COVID-19 cases on Friday, one of the highest daily totals in the pandemic. The number of new cases on Thursday was 19,719 – another record. The district reported 300 coronavirus-related deaths per day for the first time with 318.

But on Monday, other officials were less sure about the rise.

When asked about the surge, California director of health and human services, Dr. Mark Ghaly: “We still have a few days before we can say for sure.” Ghlay then noted that the situation “looks encouraging at the moment”.

LA Covid-19 tests at Dodger Stadium end today, Mayor Garcetti says, reducing the number of tests available in favor of vaccine administration

His boss, Governor Gavin Newsom, immediately tried to temper this optimistic assessment and emphasized: “On moment. ”

Newsom reminded Californians that “Monday dates are often lower” than later in the week. “We’ll know more when the dust has settled and coverage often wears off over the weekend,” Newsom said. “This week will be of great importance in answering that question.”

The governor announced 39,839 new positive Covid-19 tests on Monday. He stated that the 14-day test positivity rate increased from 12.6% to 13.7%, but the increase was not as steep as before.

Newsom said Monday that hospital admissions rose only 6% in the past 14 days. He called it “among the smallest increases we’ve seen in a period of two weeks.”

“It’s just a point of optimism, a bit of light,” the governor said before warning that given the recent winter break, hospital stays could rise further.

The number of deaths reported nationwide related to the virus in the past 24 hours was 264. However, Newsom warned that the 7-day average of daily deaths was 476 and that over the past 14 days the life of over was 5,500 Californians were lost to the pandemic.

In Los Angeles, supervisor Hilda Solis definitely said at the county’s Covid Briefing on Monday, “We’re starting to watch the holiday season rise. The situation is worse than ever. Hospitals are about to be tested, which means decisions need to be made about who can receive essential resources. “

County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer admitted that the chart of new infections “shows the small decrease in new cases after the New Year holiday,” but Ferrer attributed the decrease to decreased testing. “We expect another surge now that we are two weeks before the Christmas break,” she said.

“Covid kills someone every 8 minutes” in LA County, Ferrer said. “Ten people test positive every minute.”

Ferrer reported 12,617 new cases on Monday. That’s fewer than 18,313 new infections reported on Friday and 19,719 daily cases on Thursday.

137 new virus deaths were reported Monday, a total of 12,387 in LA County. In just the last week, the region lost 1,500 people to the pandemic, Ferrer said.

7,910 were hospitalized with the virus in LA on Monday. The head of the district’s health system, Dr. Christina Ghaly said that “the number of hospital residents has stabilized for now.” However, she warned that the number of ICU beds available in all hospitals in the region had dropped to 46. That corresponds to a county with 10 million inhabitants. There were 650 hospital beds available for the same population, the director said.

“We have a private hospital that is currently in the midst of an internal disaster,” said Ghaly, “and the EMS agency is working with them to resolve their issues, which are mostly staffing related.”

“The graph shows the small drop in new cases after the New Year break due to lower testing,” Ferrer said. “We expect another increase now that we are two weeks before the Christmas break.”

Confusion over a surge in virus numbers makes the sudden decision announced on Sunday to end testing at two major LA sites – among the largest in the country – all the more puzzling. Ferrger Stadium and the VA campus in Brentwood account for 1/3 of the county’s testing capacity, according to Ferrer. According to Eric Garcetti, LA Mayor, these locations will focus solely on delivering vaccinations starting Monday.

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