Latest published texts show corrupt and dishonest senior FBI agents remembering to try to present themselves as the right guys to Americans

Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures discussed internal FBI texts reminding leaders to present themselves to Americans as good guys. Notice how good guys never need to paint themselves like good guys?

John Solomon joined Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo this morning and he revealed recently uncovered FBI texts showing more of their actions. This exercise in continuous concealment is disgusting. The FBI has proven this to be a group of crooks rather than independent adjudicators.

Today’s texts show the following:

Weeks after Donald Trump’s White House victory, FBI officials had their last heartburn over media coverage of a burgeoning collusion controversy and the lingering email scandal of Hillary Clinton.

The office had recently terminated its key informant in the Russia probe Christopher Steele for leaking, and several of its leads regarding Russia-Trump collusion were crumbling. And inaccurate stories about the two biggest scandals in Washington came up everywhere, even when FBI officials tried to work with reporters.

“Yes, the headline is REALLY misleading,” Lisa Page wrote to a colleague in a text message regarding a New York Times that day. The text message did not further identify the , but made it clear that the was the result of an opening of the office to reporters that backfired.

Page’s colleague reported that another official who saw the headline had “really turned around”, “but then he read the and thought” what’s the point? “It’s really a question that answers itself.”

“I’m glad it’s so superficial,” added the colleague. “If they decide to start digging deep, we’re fucked up trying to protect some of our stuff related to this case.”

Page responded by saying the was likely the result of an FBI opening gone wrong. “I guess we ‘suggested’ some good news about the Bu,” she wrote. “To remind people that we are still the good guys who try to protect America and not the political agents who influence elections.

Solomon discussed these texts today with Maria:

The gang that Obama put in the FBI destroyed any good reputation the FBI ever had. After Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Mueller, etc… the FBI will only be known as a group with mob morale rather than a for justice.

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