LaTosha Brown explains Georgia and Joe Biden’s win

Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown talks to Jon Lovett about organizing power and the Georgia Senate run-off. We are still fighting to win Georgia’s second round! Help us win the Senate. Go to to stay up to date. Crooked believes we need a better conversation about politics, culture, and the world around us – a conversation that doesn’t just focus on what’s broken, but what we can do to fix it. In a time when it’s increasingly easy to feel cynical or hopeless, former Obama staff Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor have created a place where people can have meaningful conversations that inform, entertain. and inspire action. In 2017, they started Crooked with Pod Save America – a no-bullshit conversation about politics. Since then, we have continued to add shows, voices and opportunities for activism, as it is up to all of us to do our part to build a better world. That’s it. End of mission. Want some pep talk, the most important things to know / know, and an occasional dog photo? Text us at (323) 405-9944 Written content on Follow Crooked on Twitter Follow Crooked on Facebook Follow Crooked on Instagram.

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