Laura Benanti talks about Melania Trump, Colbert’s accomplice

NOTot since Tina Fey arrived fully formed on Saturday Night Live like Palin, there has been such a perfect fit between a political figure and their comedic impersonator.

When Laura Benanti debuted on her Melania Trump impression with Stephen Colbert at 2016 Republican National Convention, it was almost too good to be true. Not only did Broadway star, with little more than a white gown and shades of cheekbones, look exactly like future first lady, but she also had her voice and eyes narrowed.

Four years later, Benanti’s impression is better than ever. During her 10th appearance as First Lady on earlier this week, she celebrated Trump’s electoral loss by threatening to leave him for good. “Stephen, it’s like I keep telling my husband,” she said. “Donald, it’s over. We both know this ended some time ago. Now we just have to accept that and keep going until contract runs out.

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