Lawyer Sidney Powell Responds to Latest Supreme Court Rulings on Electoral Integrity

The United States Supreme Court declined to reconsider the Pennsylvania 2020 election cases.

The court made the announcement Monday morning.

Judges Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas opposed the refusal.

Trump-appointed Justices Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett have sided with the Liberal judges.

Here is the full document released this morning by the US Supreme Court.

Supreme Court denies Trump tax case, response to 2020 election cases by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Lawyer Sidney Powell reported this on his Telegram page.

Refusal with dissensions
1. Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Degraffenreid (formerly Boockvar), started with the suspension request filed on September 28, 2020. N ° 20-542. (CU / CUF / TPC amicus brief in this case on November 25, 2020.)

2. Corman (formerly Scarnati) c. Pennsylvania Democratic Party. The petitioners are lawmakers in the state of Pennsylvania, began with the petition filed October 27, 2020. No. 20-574.

In both of these cases, Thomas was a dissenter and Alito / Gorsuch was also a dissenter.
Roberts and Kavanaugh and Barrett have joined the Dissent Dems appear at the end of the Order’s list.
As Thomas said, “These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to look at the power of non-legislative officials to set electoral rules, and to do so well in advance of the next electoral cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable. ”

Denials without any dissent.

3. Congressman Mike Kelly c. Pennsylvania, began with a request for injunctive relief filed December 3, 2020. No. 20-810.

4. Trump v. Degraffenreid (PA), # 20-845, began with the petition for Cert filed on December 21, 2020.

This was the case with John Eastman.

Powell linked to Judge Thomas’ dissent to Techno Fog.

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