Leading US Food Bank Warns of Nationwide ‘Meal Shortage’ in Next 12 Months

The virus pandemic and the resulting recession, crushing millions of homes, have spawned a new era of hunger across the country.

After seven months of coronavirus chaos, triggering widespread unemployment and the collapse of small businesses, millions of Americans are going hungry for the first time in their lives before the holiday season.

Tens of millions of Americans have turned to their local food banks as food insecurity spirals out of control. According to the US Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey at the end of August, about 10% of adults, 22.3 million, said they did not have enough to eat or lacked food. This figure is 18 million at the beginning of March.

Today, Feeding America, a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks, serving more than 46 million people, warns it could experience a massive food shortage over the next twelve months, WaPo reported.

Feeding America said it could face a deficit of “10 billion pounds by June 2021 – the equivalent of 8 billion meals”.

In July, the nonprofit “estimated that the total need for charitable food over the next year would be an unprecedented £ 17 billion, more than three times the network’s last annual distribution. 5 billion pound food banks.

The growing food insecurity comes as the economy grapples with a wave of long-term unemployment as millions of people who lost their jobs at the start of the pandemic and remain jobless, unable to find jobs, while job losses are becoming more and more permanent.

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Today, almost 4 million jobs are gone forever. Two problems arise: increasing long-term unemployment and permanent job losses, the combination of the two creating deep economic scars and immense financial suffering for households.

The Salvation Army recently launched its annual holiday fundraising campaign earlier this year, for the first time in 130 years, with the goal of “saving Christmas” to support households financially ruined by the economic downturn.

As concerns about the economic recovery grow, with a wave of company layoffs in recent weeks, we reminded readers that food bank lines are on the rise again:

The sad reality is that the economic stimulus touted by President Trump is just a mirage of campaign hope that will quickly fade after the election. The economy is in desperate need of another round of stimulus. The problem with tax injections used for consumption is that it’s only a short-term sugar spike that ends in a crash if you don’t see more.

America’s food insecurity crisis is getting worse, not better, as millions of people now depend on food banks as the recession caused by the virus will be felt for years to come.

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