Leading virologists concerned about new strains of COVID could render vaccines ‘ineffective’ – Dateway

Two leading virologists are concerned that new strains of the COVID virus will render the vaccines currently being deployed “ineffective,” according to NBC News reporter Richard Engel.

“Two leading virologists (one in UK, one in US) tell me this mutation will not be the last and are concerned about a change that fundamentally alters the structure of the virus, making vaccines run ineffective. Going back to animals and then reappearing in humans, a big concern mentioned, ”Engel tweeted.

The new so-called “mutant” strain of the virus has led dozens of countries to ban Britons from entering, throwing many Christmas plans into chaos.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also placed tens of millions more, including those living in London and the south-east of England, in a more stringent Level 4 lockdown that prohibits them from traveling to others levels in addition to many other restrictions.

However, as we pointed out earlier, the alleged “new” strain of the virus was registered in Brazil eight months ago and has already spread around the world.

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German virologist Christian Drosten has also questioned claims that the new strain is 70% more contagious than the original coronavirus infection.

“Suddenly there’s that number out there, 70 percent, and nobody even knows what that means,” Drosten said, adding that it’s too early to say if the strain data is accurate.

Oxford University professor of evidence-based medicine Carl Heneghan also expressed skepticism about the 70% figure.

“They adapt the data to the evidence. They are seeing cases increase and they are looking for evidence to explain it, ”said Heneghan.

“I have been doing this job for 25 years and I can say that you cannot come up with a quantifiable number in such a short time,” he added.



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