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The Dallas Police Department is canceling a leaked memo listing numerous crimes that police will no longer be sent to.

The memo, dated January 1, 2021, showed that the police would no longer respond to attempted vehicle thefts, car break-ins or crimes involving “criminal mischief”.

“As of Monday, January 4, 2021 at 6:00 a.m., police officers will no longer be assigned to subsequent calls,” the memo said, then listing 13 offenses, including “reckless damage”, “runaways” and “interference” with custody of children. “

The memo lists some exceptions where a 9-1-1 operator might still send an agent, including when “a call taker hears disruption or continuing distress” or when a caller is “visually or hearing impaired or [has an] Intellectual disability.”

Calling the memo’s release “premature” and simply “rough,” Dallas police have always warned that the initiatives could still be implemented as a way to bring down violent crime.

“We need to look at what we’re really trying to do and we’re trying to reduce this violent crime,” said Dallas Police Association president Mike Mata. “And to do that, we’ll need more land, more officers who respond to these violent crime calls and practice more proactive policing.”

Mata particularly challenged the plan to shut down police responses to child custody cases.

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“I think it’s very important that an officer shows up for this,” he said.

On hearing of Dallas’ plan to curtail police response, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he would not let the city follow California’s lead in dismantling the police and descending into lawlessness .

Following the governor’s tweet, the Dallas Police Department announced it was rescinding the note pending further consideration.

“Although conversations have taken place on this subject, the memorandum was sent out prematurely. The ministry is still in the evaluation phase of this item and will continue the dialogue on recommendations and next steps. Therefore, the actions described in the memorandum have been canceled for the time being, ”the ministry wrote in a statement on Saturday.

Public Safety Committee chair Jennifer Gates said her department will review and discuss the memo at a meeting on Jan.11.

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