Leftist ridiculed for bragging about wearing two face masks – Dateway

A leftist on Twitter has been ridiculed after posting a selfie in which he bragged about wearing two face masks.

“Take no chances in the queue at Waitrose today. Two masks. N95 and surgical. # teir4, ”tweeted Mike Chamberlain, who describes himself in his bio as“ Pro EU, Remain ”.

Chamberlain undoubtedly posted the image in an attempt to gain on the internet to prove how good and responsible he was, but the reaction was probably not what he expected.

Many respondents pointed out that by wearing two masks, Chamberlain was essentially saying that the first one was not working.

Others worried about whether Chamberlain was able to breathe or not, while some suggested it was irresponsible not to wear a hazmat suit as well.

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“Damn how these right-wing snowflakes get fired,” Chamberlain then tweeted, “they seem to be making the mistake of thinking I don’t care what they think.”

He then spent the rest of the day proving how he didn’t care by replying to much everyone who tweeted him.



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