Leftist spits on Trump supporter, immediately crashes car trying to flee – Dateway

A Biden supporter received an instant dose of karma while trying to escape after spitting at Trump .

The video a leftist in his car spitting at a Trump supporter before dashing off – right into a lamppost several feet away.

“That’s what you get for all this hate!” shouted a witness.

“All this hate. It’s a shame that has happened, but… ”said another.

The driver attempted to back up and flee again, but damage from the crash appeared to bring the car to a standstill.

Seconds later, an officer stopped and questioned the man.

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“Oh! And now you have the cops here,” said the man recording the video.

It comes after a of brutal and gratuitous violence by Antifa and Black Lives against Trump in Washington DC following the MAGA March.

As the sun set, Biden’s Communist army surrounded the dispersing peaceful protesters and began attacking them. Attacking men, women and children.

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