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Leftist group plans to ‘cripple Washington DC if Trump refuses to concede’, NATIONAL FILE has learned.

Shut Down DC, founded in 2019, states that “forcing Trump out of office is the only way to protect ourselves and the people we love from Trump’s wrath.”, we will therefore act with the urgency that the situation demands ”, including with“ disruptive direct action, mass mobilization, coordinated non-respect, mutual aid and other forms of civil resistance ”. The group is led by Patrick Young, who is said to be a senior research analyst at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Left-wing groups Code Pink, Black Lives Matter DC, and Democratic Socialists of America are listed by Influence Watch as support organizations for Shut Down DC. NATIONAL FILE received advice on Young’s activities from citizen reporter Nate Linderman.

Here is propaganda from the Shut Down DC website explaining their plans for the post-election chaos:

“There is virtually no chance that the 2020 election will be decided on November 3 or anywhere soon after…

And a large number of votes will not have been counted on election day. In the 2020 election cycle, a record number of voters are expected to vote by mail due to the COVID-19 virus. In many states, it will take days, if not weeks, for those votes to be counted. In fact, thirteen states and the District of Columbia accept mail-in ballots after Election Day if they are properly postmarked …

On January 6, 2021, the newly elected 117th Congress will meet to open the State Electoral College’s vote count and certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. If one or more states send two separate vote counts, the Congress will have to decide which vote count to accept (or reject both). If a candidate wins a majority of the Electoral College’s votes (currently 270), that candidate becomes the next President of the United States.

If none of the candidates obtains 270 votes, the House of Representatives chooses the next president and the Senate chooses the next vice-president. It is important to note that the House votes on the basis of one state, one vote, so the vote of a member of the Montana House of Representatives has the same weight as the entire delegation of the California House. Although Democrats have a firm majority in the House of Representatives, there are currently 26 Republican-majority states in their House delegations and 23 Democratic-majority states in their House delegations. But that vote will be taken by the newly elected 117th Congress, not the current 116th Congress, so if Democrats take seats in a handful of key states, the balance could easily shift …

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November’s election will likely be more controversial and chaotic than any election the United States has seen recently. While the actual count of the votes is obviously a critical factor in determining the outcome, more than ever the very political questions of how and when votes are counted and who decides when the results should be certified will likely be just as powerful.

In 2000, Democrats told their base to stay home while lawyers worked things out in the back room. Republicans have sent their workers to Florida to riot and stop the vote count.

Donald Trump is already working hard to wreak havoc, remove the turnout and question election results. This time around, we can’t afford to wait for the lawyers to fix things. Instead, those of us who are committed to seeing Donald Trump removed from office should start organizing now to fight the Trump administration’s systematic voter suppression efforts, descend into the streets in key states where election results are likely to be challenged and be ready. to take bold direct action to immobilize Washington, DC if Trump refuses to concede …

But we also recognize that forcing Trump out of office is the only way to protect ourselves and the people we love from Trump’s wrath., we will therefore act with the urgency that the situation demands …

While we respect everyone’s right to stand up for themselves and the people they love, we recognize that the police and military forces that can be mobilized to support the Trump regime have a far greater capacity for violence than we could possibly imagine. imagine it.

Without making a value judgment on the tactical approaches that other people and organizations may choose to take, we plan to use the tools and tactical approaches that we have the capacity and expertise to implement, including disruptive direct action, mass mobilization, coordinated non-compliance, mutual aid and other forms of civil resistance …

Stop DC website crossings end

Shut Down DC, which was founded in the summer of 2019 to take action on climate change issues, previously blocked traffic in Washington, DC

Patrick Young was identified by NBC 4 as a representative of the “Shut Down DC” group when Young held a protest outside the Post Office Secretary’s house in Washington, DC in August 2020 with the aim of expanding mail-in voting during elections. 2020 elections, under the pretext of Coronavirus.

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