Legal challenges have already started in Pennsylvania as Trump and Biden await outcome

The expected wave of technical challenges in crucial Pennsylvania state began Tuesday night with two-state and federal lawsuits seeking to disqualify thousands of votes in dozens of counties.

Carried by lawyers associated with the state’s GOP on behalf of Republican candidates – including Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) – and activists, lawsuits challenge efforts to “cure” ballots that voters filled in incorrectly or did not put in the mandatory envelopes.

One, which will be presented to a federal judge in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning, deals with a relatively small number of ballots in Montgomery County, a major Democratic-leaning suburb.

Citing internal communications from and between county officials, the complaint claims officials broke state law that only allowed processing of mail-in ballots to begin at 7 a.m. on polling day in checking which ballots were “bare” – without a secret envelope – and therefore could not be legally counted. The lawsuit argues that these officials further violated state law and Pennsylvania Supreme Court precedent by contacting voters and giving them a chance to fix their ballots.

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