LGBTQ civil rights are at risk. Your vote is essential to save them.

“The fight for LGBTQ rights” always seems grandiose, and – as grandiose and radical phrases often do – her bravery obscures the more grainy and complex reality. The heart of any civil rights movement is courageous people who first realize, then challenge the prejudices that have been inflicted on them, and then wake up to do something. These are very personal and impactful decisions to make.

Then these people can ask for help, advice and support; they can ally themselves with others. A case is formed. The scope of such a case depends on luck and the hard, often thankless, of activists, lawyers and activists from organizations such as the ACLU, Lambda Legal, the Transgender Law Center, HRC, and GLAAD. Support can come from smaller organizations and local branches of organizations; of volunteers working and soliciting.

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