Liberal Church desecrates manger with BLM propaganda – Dateway

A Methodist church in California uses its manger this Christmas to promote BLM propaganda.

In to the BLM set up at the Claremont United Methodist Church in Claremont, Joseph cares for the Baby Jesus as Mary joins protesters wearing face masks who hold up signs reading “Black Lives Matter” , “Say their names” and “I can’t breathe!

Above them are displayed the names of the alleged victims of police violence.

The church minister says that although BLM has nothing to do with Christmas, it has decided to politicize the nativity to draw attention to “racism.”

“We couldn’t think of any other issue that we wanted to keep in the light of the Bethlehem star than the need to tackle racism,” said Rev. Karen Clark Ristin Los Angeles Times.

“Mary knows the grief of any parent who has ever lost a child, and she stands in solidarity with all those who seek justice,” Ristine said, adding, “We don’t want the need to continue the conversation about racism and white supremacy lost in the news cycles. ”

Nativity designer Genaro Cordova told The Times he wanted a reference to Covid-19 because, “We thought racism was really worse, the worst epidemic we may have had in the world. “

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“COVID will pass, but the fight [of] our brothers and sisters, black Americans, will continue for a long time.

Last year, Methodists in Claremont used his nativity to criticize the Trump administration’s border control policies, putting Mary and Joseph in separate cages with the Baby Jesus wrapped in a mylar blanket.

And so it … the cancellation of our founding fathers! BLM America by Joe Biden

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