Lil Wayne approves Trump’s re-election, leftists spit racist hatred at him – Dateway

Rapper Lil Wayne made waves Thursday night after meeting with President Trump and supporting him for the election, touting the president’s plan to provide more financial support to black Americans.

Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., posted a photo of himself with Trump, tweeting, “Just had a great meeting with [President Donald Trump]”.

“In addition to what he’s done so far with penal reform,” Wayne continued, “the Platinum Plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured that he would and could do it.

The rapper has previously denounced the idea that America is a deeply racist country and that black Americans are being held back.

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“What is it? What do you mean?” He said when asked about ‘Black Lives Matter’.

“It sounds weird, I don’t know, that you put a name. It is not a name. It is not “whatever, whatever”. He’s someone who got shot by the police for the wrong reason, ”Wayne said.

“I’m a rich young black mother – if that doesn’t let you know America understands black [inaudible] count these days, I don’t know what it is, ”he said, adding,“ Don’t come to me with that stupid shit. “

“I don’t feel connected to a fucking thing that has nothing to do with me,” Wayne urged.

Wayne also urged black Americans to look beyond the general anti-police stance:

Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black Communities promises to “increase access to capital by nearly $ 500 billion,” and consists of four “pillars,” namely OPPORTUNITY, SECURITY, PROSPERITY, and EQUITY.

Not surprisingly, leftists weren’t happy with Lil Wayne’s endorsement of Trump, spitting out the usual racist jokes, while Tories defended him for his own opinion:

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