Lindsey Graham worries that impeaching Trump could lead to George Washington’s impeachment

A week after breaking up publicly with President Donald Trump over the insurgent riot on Capitol Hill, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) accused Congress of “scandalous ” Wednesday night for impeaching the outgoing president for inciting MAGA’s seditious , revealing he was fully back on the Trump train.

Graham also argued that if Trump were to be condemned by the Senate after leaving office, it would open the door to the impeachment of former presidents – specifically using George Washington as an example because “he owned slaves.”

Hours after the House of Representatives, including 10 Republicans, made Trump the first president in history to be impeached twice, Fox News host Sean Hannity, who spurred Trump on, demanded that all Republican senators refuse to participate in the Senate impeachment process.

“Any Republican senator, let me be clear, who dares to waste a second on this charade, after the president has office, they must be removed from their office,” he fulminated, adding: “Every Republican Senator must let the fury Democrats talk to themselves and tell them to stop wasting the country’s time.

Interviewing Graham later in his program, Hannity repeated his point while noting that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – who is reportedly considering voting to convict Trump – has rejected Democratic calls for a speedy trial.

While Graham did not pledge not to participate in the trial, the South Carolina lawmaker denounced the ‘instant’ impeachment and claimed that a post-presidency impeachment trial of Trump would result in further violence from Trump supporters.

“These actions, if continued, will incite more violence,” the senator said. “Every time you ask President Trump to calm his people down, to reject violence, to move on, he has done it. How was he met? I a scandalous fault on the part of Congress itself.

Saying that a trial would be an “unconstitutional attack” on Trump, Graham once again adopted the recent right-wing argument that holding the president accountable would only lead to more violence and division.

“To my fellow Republicans, let’s defend the idea that post-presidential indictments are bad for the presidency, bad for the country, and if we go along with it as Republicans, we will destroy the Republican Party,” he said. -he assures. “In time, we will destroy the presidency.”

Graham went on to say that Trump was only impeached because of “pure hatred” before coming up with a hypothesis regarding future indictments.

“According to this theory, the – if you can remove a president after he resigns, why not remove George Washington?” Graham huffed. “He owned slaves. Where does it end ?!

The Republican senator ended the eyebrow-raising segment by accusing Vice President-elect Kamala Harris of “inciting violence” by backing a bond fund for protesters and issuing more veiled threats.

“We must reject the post-presidential indictments because it will destroy the country and incite violence,” he said. “If you want to end the violence, end the impeachment.”

Immediately after the Capitol riot, Graham said loudly in the Senate that “enough is enough” and you can “count on me” when it comes to Trump, which prompted Trump supporters to call him. heckling at an and calling him a “traitor” The next day.

Since then, the Conservative senator has returned to Trump’s good graces, even as most of the president’s advisers and aides have abandoned him. Graham traveled to Texas for Trump’s border wall speech this week and pressured fellow Republicans to acquit Trump in an impeachment trial.

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