Lockdown-defying cafe owner hijacks news show to criticize COVID ‘Tyranny’ – Dateway

A Michigan business owner interrupted a local news broadcast to urge his fellow citizens to stand up against the corrupt government and “tyranny” imposed under the guise of public health orders.

Dave Morris, whose family has owned and operated D&R’s Daily Grind Café in Portage for 12 years, is currently defying state mandates to ban indoor dining after reopening his restaurant to customers last week.

WWMT reporter Tarvarious Haywood stood outside the cafe, preparing to make a live TV hit on the company when Morris stormed the shot and unloaded in a rant that went viral.

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“Our government leaders have abandoned me,” Morris said as Haywood turned to speak to him. “Four trillion dollars in stimulus money and who did they give it to?” Special interests and campaign donors. “

Haywood approached Morris and turned his solo success into a live interview.

“Do you think this is the right thing to do?” Haywood asked.

“Absolutely. I think everyone should stand up,” Morris replied.

Shortly thereafter, Haywood asked if Morris intended to continue “breaking state orders and staying open.”

“It’s not an order. It’s a conspiracy. It’s tyranny, ”Morris said. “Wake up. Rise. This is America. Be free.”

“They want me to come down and shut up and never hear from me again.” I won’t take it. It’s time to get up. Stop everything or don’t shut down any of us. This is the only way to control a virus. “

Morris says “patriots” have filled his restaurant with support, some from as far away as Indiana.

He estimates he has lost around $ 100,000 in business so far this year, which has severely affected his family, some of whom work in the cafe.

“It’s tyranny,” Morris told MLive. “Stop the small segments of the economy that can’t fight back while they leave the big chain stores open.”

“I’m falling behind on my bills. Somewhere along the line I have to get up.

When a county health official and a public safety officer arrived at the cafe on Tuesday to send a notice warning Morris to shut down immediately, he told them to get lost.

“I’m going to ask you both to leave,” Morris told them. “Get a warrant.”

“I will sue the health department shortly,” he told MLive. “Let’s prepare for the warriors.”

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