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As Joe Biden’s camp continues to try to turn back the clock on yet another national lockdown, Democratic leaders are once again showing by their behavior that social distancing restrictions and lockdown rules are ‘for you and not for me”.

In an incident that may remind readers of Nancy Pelosi’s quarantined visit to a San Francisco barbershop, California Governor Gavin Newsom has been arrested for attending a fancy party at one of California’s best restaurants.

According to The SF Chronicle, Newsom attended a birthday party for one of his top advisers at the French Laundry, the Michelin-starred restaurant run by Thomas Keller The newspaper noted that the party included members of “several households. “, In violation of recommendations issued by The Newsom administration, which urged Californians to retreat into their personal bubbles and only leave for” essential “purposes. Current national regulations limit any type of social gathering to members of no more than three households, the summits.

Dinner the night of November 6 at tthe famous French Laundry in Yountville, Napa County brought together at least 12 people to celebrate Jason Kinney’s 50th birthday, longtime friend and policy advisor to Newsom, also a partner at lobbying firm Axiom Advisors. Besides the governor, his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, was present. State guidelines limit gatherings, defined as “social situations that bring together people from different households at the same time in the same space or place,” to a maximum of three households. Representatives for Kinney and Newsom declined to say how many households the diners represented, but did not dispute that there were more than three.


Click said Kinney’s birthday dinner was allowed because state guidelines only require restaurants to “limit the number of single table patrons to a domestic unit or to patrons who have requested to be seated together. “. A spokesperson for the public health department was unable to answer questions on whether the state considers it acceptable for residents of an unlimited number of households to mix if the gathering takes place in a restaurant.

At a press conference on Friday, Secretary of State for Health and Human Services Mark Ghaly reiterated that activities in which it is difficult to wear a mask all the time, such as eating out and dating with people from other households, are higher risk situations during the pandemic. “As we look at the surge in cases, we have the advice and the guidance for a reason,” he said. “We believe these are the strategies for keeping us and our communities safe, and we hope and expect people to take them seriously.”

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When first approached by The Chronicle, Newsom’s camp attempted to deny that the rally violated state guidelines. But after the article was published, Newsom posted a comment saying that attending the party was “an error in judgment” (just in case you think President Trump and his team were the only ones lying or misleading. error journalists).

The California Department of Public Health released guidelines on Oct.9 allowing small private gatherings for the first time during the pandemic. Under the guidelines, gatherings with more than three households are prohibited.

The state is also requiring rallies to be held outside, where experts believe transmission of the virus is much less likely.

Funnily enough, Newsom wasn’t the only California politician attending a social gathering this week, as governors across the country impose new restrictions and even move to move schools to remote areas only.

Nancy Pelosi hosted a dinner for the new Democratic members of Congress. She told reporters the room was “widely spaced” with improved ventilation.

Newsom has also partnered with the governors of Washington state and Oregon to urge Californians not to leave the state unless absolutely necessary, until things are under control.

Maybe he’s overcompensating now?

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