Looking for a Republican Conscience in the House? Not today.

It is probably apocryphal, but Winston Churchill is said to have once said, “The Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted. In recent years, I’ve had a similar, but opposite, view of Republicans: they always fold like a cheap suit, after raising hope.

My hopes were high on Tuesday when it was reported that Mitch McConnell was in favor of impeachment and that Liz Cheney would vote for it. But I suspect they are about to be wiped out. McConnell-Cheney’s news was probably meant to show momentum. But the dam never broke. Should the impeachment resolution get, what, 10 or 15 House Republicans?

When the going is good, very few Republicans are ready to do the right thing. Even newly-elected Representative Nancy Mace, who has spoken harshly about Trump and her party’s anarchy, suddenly says “there is violence on both sides of the aisle” and that “what we are doing today , to precipitate this dismissal in a debate of an hour or two hours on the floor of this chamber and bypassing the judicial power, poses big questions on the constitutionality of this process.

“If the Republicans controlled the House, he wouldn’t have been arraigned once, let alone twice. “

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