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Los Angeles residents have been ordered to stay at home with immediate effect, as Mayor Eric Garcetti has banned all travel, including walking, closed non-essential businesses, and threatened to arrest anyone breaking the new rules. lockdown as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations rise.

The city, home to 4 million people, has been told the new move is “ necessary for the protection of life and property in the city of Los Angeles. ”

Garcetti urged residents to “cancel everything”. He said no one should host rallies or go to rallies.

Los Angeles County, the nation’s largest with around 10 million people, recorded its highest daily total of cases on Tuesday at more than 7,500 and on Wednesday fell to just under 6,000, still one of the highest to date.

The United States has also recorded a record 2,733 deaths in 24 hours – the highest daily toll since the start of the pandemic. Hospitalizations also hit a record 100,226 and cases across the country topped 200,000.

According to the ordinance, “all travel, including, without limitation, travel on foot, by bicycle, scooter, motorbike, automobile or public transport is prohibited.”

CBS & Drudge’s El Paso story is classic lie and propaganda. “Surge” is NOT shopping – it’s border crossing as sick Mexicans come for free health care and the federal government is encouraging hospitals with COVID bonuses.

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However, basic needs such as food, health, social and other services are described as exceptions in the ordinance.

“My message couldn’t be simpler: it’s time to curl up. It’s time to undo everything. And if that’s not essential, don’t.

“Don’t meet anyone outside your home. Do not organize a rally, do not attend a rally and follow our Targeted Safer Home Order, if you can stay home, stay home. Just be smart and stay away.

The ordinance, however, appears to have confused residents with its long list of exemptions. Some of these include allowing beaches to remain open for swimming and sunbathing, trails to operate during regular business hours. And, perhaps most confusing, he also orders that all children’s day camps must cease operations between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

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